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Educating Animals is all about creating bespoke animal training programmes to suit your requirements. Outlined below are some of the areas in which we work, but if you have a more specific training requirement, then please do get in touch – Jo would be more than happy to help.


Educating Animals offers a training package for you and your puppy. The training takes place in your home and will be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

The package includes:

2 Hour Pre Arrival Visit

  • What to expect in the early hours and days?
  • Building a relationship with your puppy
  • Integrating the puppy into your household
  • How to get the children involved in forming a positive relationship?
  • Socialisation
  • Setting up the environment ready for arrival

3 x 1 Hour Training Sessions

It is recommended that the first training session be booked within the first day or so of the puppy’s arrival. These sessions are designed to start you and your family off on the road to a lifetime of positive experiences with your new pet. We will discuss any concerns that have arisen since the arrival of the puppy. Then we will spend time on the following:

  • Toilet training
  • Settling your dog
  • Socialisation
  • Recall
  • Loose Lead Training
  • Greeting visitors
  • How to involve children in training?
  • Food manners
  • Getting ready for the great outdoors!

Package also includes:

  • Complimentary training pouch
  • Training information sheets to support you through the early days
  • 4 weeks’ email and phone support
  • Travel (within 15 miles of SO21) - outside this area travel will be billed at 40p per mile


Jo offers her tailored animal training approach across a wide range of species. If you feel that you and your animal would benefit from a bespoke programme, then please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you. If you have an animal not suited to a class environment or you want to train them to do something specific, then Education Animals can help.

PUPPY PARTY PACKAGE - For Veterinary Practices

Package includes:

  • Three-hour planning session to guide staff through setting up and running an effective puppy party
  • Educating Animals will attend the first puppy party to provide practical advice during the session and will debrief staff after the event (two-hour visit)
  • Educating Animals will provide all handouts for attendees
  • Email and phone support for Veterinary staff for four weeks
  • Travel (within 15 miles of SO21) - outside this area travel will be billed at 40p per mile

Staff Training

Educating Animals offers a series of workshops focussing on improving your practical skills as an animal trainer. The workshops are run at Sparsholt College in Hampshire, and can be tailored to suit your specific staff training needs.


Jo is also available on a consultancy basis to work with you and your organisation/collection to create bespoke training programmes for both staff and animals.

Whatever your requirements, Educating Animals would love to help, just get in touch.

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“My practical skills as a trainer havedeveloped over the course of the workshops”